The purpose of adhering to the R56 standards is to ensure that all communications sites are constructed to industry best practices, and that communications equipment operates in an environment that assures service reliability and longevity. A documented set of standards & guidelines for designing safe and reliable communications sites helps guarantee personnel safety, equipment reliability and equipment availability.

The benefits of an R56 audit are:

  • Avoid Network Downtime. Lessen the likelihood of communications network downtime caused by non-compliance to R56 standards.
  • Promote Workplace Safety. Ensure that sites meet the minimum standards so that site workers have a safe, working environment.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs. Quickly uncover the major cause of equipment issues, lessening costs associated with troubleshooting to correct the problem.
  • Comprehensive Reports and Recommendations. R56 auditor will generate a detailed report, including photos, which identifies any compliance issues and provides recommendations to get the site up to standard.

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