What certification is an R56 Auditor required to have?

  • ETA industry standard Certified Electronics Technician, Associate or higher certification required.
  • At least two years of combined electronics education and experience
  • At least two years of R56 related experience
  • Attend Motorola approved R56 training class
    • Motorola University R56 Workshop
    • Motorola University R56 Awareness for Installers
  • Attend Motorola approved R56 Auditor training class
  • Maintain certification as required by ETA
    • Yearly maintenance of 10 continuing education credits
What should a customer look for when choosing a firm to perform an R56 audit?
  • Minimum Qualification /Certification of the R56 auditor
  • Ability of the firm to gather detailed information on locations scheduled to be audited.
  • R56 auditor has up-to-date knowledge of the latest R56 guidelines.
  • 10 year of combined experience with installation and Performing R56 audits
  • Quality Assurance
    • More than 6 -7 years of experience performing R56 audits
    • Alternate review process by senior R56 auditors once audit reports are completed
  • Fast turnaround time from the survey to the final R56 reports. (As quickly as 2 days for up to 5 survey locations.)
  • Provide good support on clarifications/questions from customer after R56 audit report submission.